Gunilla Alsiö

In her work as an ergonomist, Gunilla Alsiö met many people who had problems with their arms and shoulders from working at the computer. The Senseboard, a virtual keyboard that only exists inside the computer, is the solution.

A clip on each hand registers the hand movements and translates them into a code which the computer understands. It enables the writer to “type” on any surface.

In 2001 Gunilla received the Best Technology Award at the Comdex international trade fair in the USA. Her idea became known all over the world. Today Gunilla works full time with her company Senseboard AB. The Senseboard is patented and design-protected. Gunilla is now working with technicians and designers to develop it into a product ready for marketing.



Dummy for giving anaesthetic to babies

Monika Dahlstrand

In 1993 the nurse-anaesthetist Monika Dahlstrand got an idea when she was giving an anaesthetic to a baby. It was difficult to hold the mask over the child’s mouth because the child wouldn’t lie still. She realised that babies need a special mask.

Before an operation babies are often hungry and uneasy. They haven’t eaten for some time and need something to suck on. On Monika’s anaesthetic mask there is a dummy for the baby to suck while breathing in the anaesthetic.


Karin Järverud

The heart of a person who suffers from auricular fibrillation sometimes beats so fast that it can be fatal. A defibrillator inside the body can record the heartbeats and give the body a shock if the heart beats too fast. The shock makes the heart beat more regularly. This feels very unpleasant, but it can save life.

Karin Järverud is a scientist at a company called St. Jude Medical AB. In 1996 she invented a way for the defibrillator to distinguish between dangerous and less dangerous heart beats.

Karin’s invention spares the patient unnecessary shocks and also leads to better treatment. Her company has the patent to her invention and will use the new function in future products.

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