Ukrainian Women's Organizations and the Movement
for Peace and Security

Український жіночий фонд
The Ukrainian Women's Fund

founded in 2000 is the only women’s foundation in Ukraine that provides resources to women’s/feminist organizations: grants, expertise, training, facilitation, and platforms for cooperation.

Its mission is:

  • to support women’s/feminist organizations;
  • to promote the development of powerful and efficient women’s/feminist movement capable of protecting women’s rights and promoting gender equality in all areas.

is a non-governmental human rights organization that promotes gender equality, peacebuilding, prevents gender-based violence, including domestic violence, human trafficking and protects children’s rights, and promotes implementation of human rights standards in all spheres. The organization is well-known at the local, national and international levels for its efficient work in building peace and society of equal rights and opportunities without violence and human trafficking.

Міжнародний жіночий правозахисний центр «Ла Страда-Україна»
ГО «Федерація жінок за мир у всьому світі»

established in 2007 is a volunteer non-governmental party  independent international organization that unites women of Ukraine and other citizens, as  well as collective members.


unites servicewomen, female veterans, volunteers, and medical workers. The movement was established to support female veterans and help them to communicate and cooperate. Its first campaign initiated a summer rally in Irpin in 2018, and in December the second Rally of Veterans was held. The catalyst for both meetings was the Invisible Battalion public project.

Українська Жіноча Варта
Українська Жіноча Варта

NGO Ukrainian Women's Guard

is a national voluntary women’s organization, which emerged in 2014 with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war and offered large scale training for women on paramedical, shooting, paramilitary, psychological training and self-defense. Since 2014, more than 30,000 women across Ukraine have been trained.

The organization supports, trains and founds social enterprises for women, female veterans, military wives and widows of the deceased. At the beginning, their activities focused on the support of women in the Army, protection of women’s rights in the Army, publishing and distribution of military, paramedic, psychological literature, and running classes and military exercises for women. Today they are also engaged in educational and social programs throughout Ukraine for women whose family members are killed, maimed or captured in the war, for family members-combatants, internally displaced persons and children of war.

Національна рада жінок України

established in 1999 unites local women’s organizations and  is a collective member of the International Council of Women. 

Their objective is to consolidate the efforts of women’s organizations aimed to empower women increasing their role and improving social status, protecting the common interests of women’s NGOs, members of the Council.

ГО «Всеукраїнське об’єднання «Поступ жінок-мироносиць»

registered in 1999 is involved in peacekeeping, cultural and patriotic activities aimed at consolidation and mutual understanding in the society. The organization runs educational activities in the military units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the National Guard. The organization volunteers in ATO/OSS zone and in the military units and hospitals.

established in 1990 is engaged in human rights defense and patriotic activities. It contributes to the development and improvement of military legislation in Ukraine , social and legal protection of servicemen and members of their families, overcoming hazing in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, strengthening social protection of mothers who lost their children in the Army.

Всеукраїнська Ліга Українських жінок

established in 1995 is currently a part of the National Council of Ukrainian Women. 

It is involved in artistic and educational, cultural, patriotic, and peacekeeping activities. 

Project Women in Defense of Peace and Security is implemented by the NGO Gender Culture Centre with the support of the PWAG International Network and the Kharkiv Regional Foundation Public Alternative.